Advertise on YouTube we are a specialist video ads media buyer Advertise on YouTube channels

Advertise on YouTube, we are a specialist video ads media buyer – Advertise on YouTube channels


Want to advertise on youtube? Contact us and that way you can advertise on YouTube in front of your competitor’s videos, in front of the channels you choose and much more. When you come to drive traffic to your channel and website via advertising on YouTube the hard part is the creation and monitoring of your audiences. If you are considering starting to advertise on YouTube and want views that convert into business it’s free up to 29 seconds! You can get millions of page views every day in the niche you want, literally a 100x better than any TV campaign will ever be and more people are watching YouTube than TV now. We build in all the tracking of views, phone calls, form fills and sales helping you monitor your exact ROI.

Advertising on YouTube couldn’t be easier, and it couldn’t be more productive! We can place your adverts EXACLTY into the channels your potential customers are watching – and the GREAT thing is that you don’t pay a penny unless the person watching either clicks through to your website or watches more than 29 seconds of your video (by which time they are engaged and interested in your brand or product).

Want to know more about how we create successful adverts, how we build winning audiences AND make sure you get measurable results? Then please get in touch with us here at Institution Marketing UK.

Call: 01302 238181

Better than TV advertising by 100x – more targeted, better results, less cost and incredible insight into your customers, guaranteed. Advertising on Youtube is the future, please contact us for more details.
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