ADVERTISE 1 Smeket SylvenoX thekrazy Hir0Shi Chaeyeon

ADVERTISE [1]: Smeket – SylvenoX, thekrazy, Hir0Shi, Chaeyeon


Early this year, SylvenoX asked if I had any gameplay so he could decorate, I suggested this
He accepted and invited some people to help him decorate
The end result was great, and this got featured very fast (1 hour)

Credits below (a lot of it):

SylvenoX – made the first and last 2 parts (he made the thumbnail as well):

thekrazy – made the first part in break and second part in buildup:

Hir0Shi – made the second part in break:

Chaeyeon – made the first part in buildup:

Verified and original video by YakobNugget:

Original layout by me (if you want to compare):