Ad Age’s 10 favorite binge-watches of 2020

ad ages 10 favorite binge watches of 2020

St. Elsewhere

Nostalgia got even more popular during the pandemic and, naturally, many of us revisited shows from back in the day. NBC’s acclaimed series from the ’80s, “St. Elsewhere,” was the salve that Jessica Wohl, Ad Age’s food reporter, needed this year, and today, its themes hold up surprisingly well. “St. Elsewhere is outdated when it comes to things like phones and even medical procedures, but the storylines are still so relevant: race relations, pregnancy issues, an outbreak that’s not COVID-19, of course, but still there’s a disease outbreak,” Wohl says. Also, the guest cast is a veritable Hollywood Walk of Fame. “You watch and all of a sudden you see Alfre Woodard, who plays a recurring character, Betty White, Helen Hunt, Ray Charles.” Not to mention, in the lead cast, there’s “young Denzel—I mean right there, that’s enough!” she adds.