5 Must Personal Training Advertising Strategies in 2020

5 Must Personal Training Advertising Strategies in 2020


In this video you’ll learn top 5 best places for personal training advertising.

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Many trainers struggle with personal training advertising and marketing, but if you’re serious about growing and scaling your business you need to get familiar…. and fast!

Advertising and marketing are NOT the same thing and often are incorrectly used interchangeably! Many trainers think they need help with their marketing, when in fact it’s their advertising personal training strategy that really needs the work.

This video will outline the difference between advertising and marketing and show you how important both advertising and marketing are to making clients aware of your service and portraying your Personal Training business in the right way.

I will talk you through the importance of having a good Google My Business profile for generating sales and increasing awareness.

Start using Google My Business today by claiming your free profile. Click the link above.

Plus some essential advertising tips and strategies to maximise your growth and client base!

We will look at the benefits of Facebook and Instagram ads. You can get started by setting up your Facebook Business profile using the link above.

You will also learn how blogging can be a valuable form of Personal Trainer advertising.

Writing blogs aimed at your target demographic is a great way to make clients aware of your service and is an often overlooked personal training advertising strategy.

I will show you how writing blog articles can lead to higher rankings on Google, massively boosting your enquiries and ultimately generate sales.

My blog article “Personal Trainer Business Plan” still brings in a healthy amount of traffic and enquiries every month, despite being written over 2 years ago. You can visit this article by clicking the link above.

If you want to know how to start a successful fitness blog, I have written a step by step guide. Click the link above.

I will also explain how to utilise Facebook and LinkedIn groups as a fantastic FREE strategy for advertising your PT business and create valuable exposure to thousands of potential clients!

You will learn how to use Facebook and LinkedIn groups properly! How to advertise your services without spamming and potentially getting banned from groups.

Finally you will learn the importance of Google Ads for generating leads, enquiries and sales!

You will learn how to take advantage of targeted search terms to get great advertising deals and reach thousands of potential clients for extremely low cost!

Google Ads a fantastic way to get lots of targeted traffic from potential clients at the buying stage! Thus increasing enquiries and conversions.

00:41 | What is Personal Trainer Advertising
02:26 | NUMBER 5 – Google My Business
05:12 | Personal Training Advertising Tip
07:04 | NUMBER 4 – Facebook & Instagram Ads
11:44 | NUMBER 3 – Start Blogging
15:04 | NUMBER 2 – Facebook & LinkedIn Groups
18:45 | NUMBER 1 – Google Ads

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